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How Much Does Pressure Washing a House Cost?

If you’re looking into getting house pressure washing done then you’re in the right place. One main question that a lot of people have is how much it costs to have a house pressure washed. We’re going to dive into this question and talk about how much it can cost and what factors go into the cost of house pressure washing. 

How Much Does It Cost For House Pressure Washing?

The cost of house pressure washing can vary based on many different factors, but on average a homeowner can expect to pay about $296 for a whole house. The typical range can be anywhere from $100 to $600 though. Depending on the company you might be charged a set fee for the whole house, you might be charged by the hour, or you might be charged by square feet. 

This resource was put together by our company, Largo Pressure Washing Services.

Factors That Go Into the House Pressure Washing Price

As we said there are many factors that go into the price of pressure washing a home. It’s best to know these factors to better estimate how much you’ll be paying for your specific home to be pressure washed. Here are a few factors that will go into the price of pressure washing your home: 

  • The size of your home 
  • Type of surface they will be cleaning (the siding of your home, roof, etc)
  • Amount of prep work that needs to be done
  • Type of equipment being used
  • Labor costs based on time and amount of work 
  • How dirty the house is 

These factors affect the price of the company to pressure wash your home no matter what. It’s because these factors can go into the labor costs, equipment costs, or other costs that need to be accounted for. 

Is Pressure Washing Your House A Good Idea?

Pressure washing your house is a very good idea to get the outside of your home very clean. It’s a good investment for your home as it has many benefits to it. If you’re looking to pressure wash your home then we recommend you go for it. Pressure washing your home can come with a lot of different benefits that we can look at. 

Benefits of Pressure Washing Your Home 

There are so many benefits to house pressure washing, so if you’re on the fence then keeping these benefits in mind might help you to sway your decision. Although these are not all of the benefits to pressure ashing, they are the ones that will make the most impact. Here are a few benefits that can come with pressure washing a house:

  • Increase curb appeal 
  • Maintains the cleanliness and look of the outside of your home 
  • Prevents damage and dirt build up 
  • Great for priming the surface before renovation 
  • Increases the value of your home 

The Bottom Line

Ultimately pressure washing a house can be about $300, but it really depends on many different factors that can affect the pricing. However, pressure washing is still a really good idea for anyone looking to clean their home and get it looking great from the outside. We recommend pressure washing your house if you’ve been contemplating it. 

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